DS2PSeems like EA wants you to scream in Space once again (as well as to poop yourself), as we got news that Dead Space 2 is estimated to be released within the first three months of 2011. In Dead Space 2, you will once again take control of Isaac Clarke with his fight against the Necromorph that takes place three years after Dead Space. However, that isn’t the only game that was revealed to be released at that time frame, it seems that Bioware will release a squeal to its hit title, Dragon Age: Origins that came out just a few months ago. Bioware did mention that they will keep supporting DA: Origins with downloadable content for about a year and half to two years so it’ll be interesting to see what the squeal will bring if it does release a year and two-four months later.

There was mention of another game that has no title other than that it’ll be Epic Game’s new Shooter. Other dates that was revealed was that the revival of Medal of Honor and the Shooting MMO, APB has July-September release date; as well as NBA JAM, Crysis 2, and non-pc versions of The Sims 3 has a October-December release date. Once again, it seems that good games are coming out and gamers wallets will be crying…I know mines will as I’ll keep eating ramen and tuna-rice because of it.

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