Well now, what does one say or do when they encounter a full scale Yoda statue made of butter? Well, the immediate thought would be “hey lets break some bread and eat the mother fucker” or would that just be me? The rest of you, I imagine, would bask in this master, “Land O’ Lake”, Jedi’s presence. Then perhaps proceed to crack a few buttery Yoda jokes like: “[Luke] I can’t believe it’s not butter”. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.” or “Butter is my ally, and a powerful ally it is”. Anyway, this Yoda statue is pretty sweet or should I say oily? Regardless this is an impressive act of nerdery. It was sculpted by Olenka Kleban for the CNE’s (Canadian National Exhibition). It took Olenka  seven hours in a fridgid, 10C cooler to complete her butter statue of Yoda. This is a stunning achievement for Olenka and well for Canada for that matter. Honestly, besides hockey and Molson Ice what good has come out of Canada lately?


source: greatwhitesnark via thestar.com

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