power sombreroOne of my favorite shows when i was a kid was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The show went straight downhill when they started adding new installments after the original ended. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t some piece of genius that Martin Scorsese directed. It was a show that happened to capture my 2-5 year old mind. I know what you’re saying, “Mason! There is no way you could possibly remember the original at that young an age!” To this I defend with “I had the first movie on VHS and still have it, also don’t be such a dick because you still live at your mom’s house!’ I’m sorry I hate it when we fight, hug? *awkward blog hug* And it’s ok, I still live at home too, but I’m underage =[… That’s beside the point. The 411 is, that’s smart lingo for information, the MMPR  consisted of five highly acrobatic teens who individually represented the colors white, red, pink, blue, yellow, and black. Sometimes for the hell of it they put a green ranger into the mix. They were lead by a wise and powerful sage Zordon who gave these teens the ability to morph into the MMPR. But i think he was terminally ill or something because he was always in this big ass crystal. *note: the crystal was not shaped like an ass* In this video that i so fatefully found on Collegehumor.com is the hilariously revealing nature of Zordon.  ENJOY!!!!

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