The cult classic Sci-Fi horror movie, Aliens, *speaking of sci-fi, is anyone else appalled that the sci-fi channel has changed its logo to “SYFY”? It’s like Trix’s new spherical shape… WTF?!* has been resuscitated through Jet City Cakes. This Seattle based cake company has made quite a few interesting cakes in their day, check em out if you don’t believe me, but their homage to the fucked up creatures from Aliens pulled from H.R Giger’s painting, Necronom IV, which is credited with the design to which the original aliens were derived, is nothing short of PURE EPICNESS. I know at first glance you’re thinking ‘why are there two dicks in that cake?” but then you realize “Oh, silly me. Those are just two frightening creatures that are normally seen breaking out of human’s chests”. I don’t know how many, if any, of you are familiar with H.R Giger’s works, but they consist of frightening, mildly erotic *that might just be me*,shiny black surfaces with humanoids riddled throughout. But I KNOW that there is someone in America that is thinking “how could i possibly increase the class of my wedding? Oh! I know, I’ll get this Aliens cake!” Oh middle western America, how i adore you. All joking aside, this is badass. I’m going to have an exact replica made for my wedding day, i just hope my that girl in my basement doesn’t wake up between now and then. Thank you Flunitrazepam, for those of you who aren’t scientists its street name is rufie. Enjoy kids!!

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