Kevin Smith Vs. SouthWest Airlines

kevin-smithI’m not going to lie, I’m a pretty big guy, I’m pretty much short and big like Kevin Smith and maybe I would have been treated just like he was treated this past weekend. Kevin Smith, himself, tweeted how he was taken out of the plane because he was a “Safety Hazard” in a full plane in which he was able to switch to since all he wanted to do was get home early and get it on with his wife. They, mainly Suzanne, wouldn’t explain fully why he was booted off other than the pilot saw him in his seat with the arm rest up and thus is a “safety hazard,” even though the arms were up before he got to his seat. When told that he was a “safety hazard,” Smith proved that he can sit there with the armrest down but apparently that wasn’t enough. After not giving him any reason to why he was a “safety hazard,” he blew off the steam the best way he can at that moment and it was with Twitter.

His tweets were non-stop hating on SouthWest this past weekend, and it’s still going on at this moment. However, later on the day, when he got on a flight home, something else happen that even anger him more and push his fight against SWA. To set it up, he was able to get his original flight back with the two seat he payed for (he always buys two seats because SWA is cheap and that also he wouldn’t have to sit next to someone as he explained during his SModcast). So he sat there, with armrest down and seatbelt buckled with no extender, another passenger who happen to be a big lady as well, sit in the same row with him. Moments later, an employee asked her to follow her because they had to talk. As Smith feared, the nice lady that was not bothering him was told that she would have to buy another seat because of her size and would have to ask Smith if it was okay for her to sit there. The employees knew there wouldn’t be a third person sitting with them on that row because Smith bought the middle seat, they should know Smith would not have any problems and yet, even though this big lady was able to passed the armrest test, she was still embarrassed at what happen. At that moment, Smith didn’t care what happen to him, he thought this was unfair for any body that has similar built like him. He felt he should vent out and point out this problem because he has the platforms to do this, and trust me he did because he even released an hour and an half SModcast on the whole situation, in which you can truly hear how it went down and how Smith feels about this.

SouthWest apologized on both via Twitter and on their blog, however, on their blog they tried to say how it was all policy on what happened to Smith and also point out how Smith usually buys two seats, in which said earlier, Smith only buys two seats because he doesn’t want to be social, not that he is too fat. There are other sites that are saying the he is doing this to get free publicity on his new movie, Cop Out, but how would this do good for him and the film when the trailer has been playing a lot everyday on TV. The main thing Smith is looking for is why was he truly taken out of the plane and where was the customer service during this whole time. What do you guys think? You think SouthWest was doing their jobs or is Smith, a paying customer, right on how he was treated was wrong and that it should be pointed out?

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