Ok, we ALL know we have tried to master the Rubik’s cube. This think toy has gotten the better of 345 million, and I’m sure caused many suicides. Simple design 6 sides with 9 squares on each sides, but it still makes me want to throw it through the FUCKING wall. Created in 1974 by Erno Rubiks, a hungarian professor and architect. No wonder we can’t finish this damn thing, it was made for college professors not 8 year old kids, WTF? But the Lego Mindstorms based in Billund, Denmark, has made a machine called the Cubestormer. Clever name don’t you think? This beast , ass machine  can solve any randomly mixed up 3×3×3 cube in under 12 seconds. That’s just as long as it takes you to finsh thinking about playing with your cube, that or creaming your pants watching this thing in work.  The thing that is most sexy about this thing………….is……… is mainly made of LEGOS!!!

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