I thought I had a lot of free time on my hands! Some talented photo shopper did some brill artwork with some celeb pics…If there is more to come, I haven’t heard yet, but I’m so entertained by these, I hope they keep rolling out new ones weekly. The Na’vi Celebs are the new “If They Had A Baby Mashups”

Ke’vin Sm’ith

(I Didn’t think there were any obese Na’vi? Damn you Southwest Airlines)

An’ton Chi’gurh

(Yikes! It looks like the Beatles and Dorothy Hamil’s Hair had a Na’vi Child..That Turned into an UGLY killer M)exican

Jo’hn Good’man

(See? American’s are the fattest country..It’s a matter of time before people let their Avatar’s go!)

Tob’ias Fün’ke

(I don’t even know who this guy is as a human…)

The Jok’er

(Do you want to know how I got these scars?? It was a Thanator…..)

Av’ril Lav’igne

(Ney’tiri has met her match for hottest Na’vi)

Sa’sha Gr’ey

(And award for homeliest Na’vi with no friends goes to…)

Mi’chael Jack’son

( On a serious note..With his simplistic and childlike attitude, I think MJ would have LOVED the magic of Avatar…RIP King of Pop)

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