OK, so we have been very behind in posting any toy news from this past weeks New York Toy Fair. However, that ends right now. We’re going to be putting up a nice epic post showcasing the toys we are most anticipating.  Until then we are going to kick things off here with something that this bastard (me) has gone completely ape shit over. Anyone that knows me can tell you that I’m a bit obsessed with He-Man and The Masters of The Universe. I won’t go into detail about said obsession buts lets just say I still sleep in my He-Man comforter from the early 80’s (yes, I know it is quite gross and sad). For myself and my other He-Man fans we’ve been keeping busy with Mattel’s new line of He-Man figures. Every month Mattel, on its exclusive collector website, mattycollector.com, releases a new figure. These figures often sell out in a matter of hours. So it’s suffice to say that He-Man has once again proved to be a money maker for Mattel. Over a dozen figures have been released in the last year or so. We’ve seen He-Man, Skeletor, Beast-Man and other core characters. We’ve also been privileged to get characters that haven’t seen a new figure since their original debut in the 80’s such as Scare Glow. We’ve even got a few figures that for whatever reason were never produced in any proceeding toyline. Such as He-Ro, The Most Powerful Sorcerer in The Universe and She-Ra’s alter ego, Princess Adora. All these toys have been modeled to mirror their 80’s counterparts or at least pay homage to the original sculpts and style but thanks to modern toy making these new figures are significantly more detailed. They are flat out stunning. Anyway, us He-Man fans have been eagerly awaiting to see whats next. Well, Mattel has revealed, at NY Toy Fair what the next couple of months will bring. To say there are some awesome figures on the way would be an understatement. However, there are also a few figures that, although, are still awesome would make any He-Man fan or none scratch their heads in confusion. So without further adieu here whats coming in 2010. Please note the following images are courtsey of toynewsi.com.


Evil Lyn (April Figure) — comes with Screeech pet bird, bird perch, bird armor, knife, wand, and staff, and both the wand and staff have swappable head-piece orb.


Optikk (May Figure) First figure from the less appreciated He-man, cartoon reboot, The Adventures of He-man.— comes with alternate color eyeball head, cosmic blaster, and photon neutralizer


Tytus (May Figure) Tytus was but a myth for some as he  was largest and most rare figure ever produced, only two were ever made.  — 12” figure comes with capture claw, and will retail for $40.00 due to large size


She-Ra (June Figure) She-Ravers prayers have finally been answered.— comes with sword, shield, and alternate head with removable, swappable mask


Keldor (June Figure) Skeletor before his face was melted off. — comes with cape, split-apart sword, and “acid” vial

Count Marzo (July Figure) Sorcerer in the MOTU cannon that never got a figure until now. – comes with amulet and sword


Gygor (September Figure) Not entirely sure who this guy is. Perhaps a new character in the MOTU line (please correct me if I’m wrong). Figure is also just a sad repaint of Gorilla Grodd from Mattels DC figure line.— larger figure comes with axe and removable cape and helmet


Skeletor and Mo-Larr (SDCC Exclusive Two-Pack) Molarr is a dentist and never appeard in the MOTU cannon. He made once appearence a a robot chicken sketch. WTF? Kinda cool but really? Of all the things Mattel could do for an exclusive and this is the best they could come up with?

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