Whenever you think of the word plasma it normally brings to mind some word that isn’t far from a synonym to destruction. Whether it’s slicing through shit like butter with a lightsaber, or sticking your neighbor’s dog with a plasma grenade (please don’t attempt… but if you do, send me video footage. JK I do not support animal cruelty whatsoever… email me..) plasma has played a pretty crucial role in nerd culture. BUT NOW, research labs are trying to create a plasma hand sanitation device?! Hold your horses you want to take something as badass as plasma and use it as a new soap? *Stupid hospitals and other service industries that need sterilized utensils and apparatuses.* Although plasma cleaning isn’t new, this is the first time it has been put to human skin (aside from those hilarious, harmless pranks in which you take plasma and singe your sleeping friends ball hair off by throwing it on his unsuspecting testicles… I can’t even redeem myself after that). Apparently it only takes four seconds to thoroughly cleanse your hands, fingers, and even underneath your fingernails. It’s so powerful it destroyed a human baby from across the world. But actually, it totally conquered this guy’s athletes foot without him even having to take off his sock. Now, i suppose that’s cool… Alright it’s actually pretty sweet. This device will astronomically increase the hygiene of the nerd world. Those of us who don’t wash after any interaction between our hand and genitals will have a new  motivation to washing our hands, and even possibly, our genitals. ENJOY!

Source: Dvice

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