Doom+Mega Man = Awesome

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You would think that after all the countless Mega Man games someone , along the line, would have thought to give the blue bomber an FPS. Well, wouldn’t you know, someone did. Youtube user cutmanmike aimed to put DOOM and Megman into a blender to see what would happen. The result? A total blend of retro awesome-ness would be an understatement. The video below is not Megmans campaign mode but rather mikes vision of what a multiplayer deathmatch would be like and I dare say it looks funner (so needs to be a word in the dictionary) than Team Fortress 2. Should CAPCOM come out with a Mega Man FPS it would be all dolled up with killer graphics, immense landscapes and other that other crap. No, we don’t need all that, it would fuck with the nostaglia. What cutmanmike has here is perfect! It looks fun as hell and we want to play it. Rumor has it, cutmanmike is intending to release a public demo. Cannot wait!

source: unrealitymag

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