It’s Guess Who Friday

(Guess Who Friday is a weekly feature here at nerdbastards where we challenge you to guess the latest known or lesser known child star of nerd pop culture from the days of yore (70’s, 80’s, 90’s), who have all grown up. Lets take a gentleman’s bet and see if you can figure out today’s ‘Guess Who’. Warning: we are not responsible for any shocked, appalled or arousing feelings which may incur.)

Who is this chick? She was born in Iran. AND was born in 1972…So when I was 4 I am not ashamed to tell any of you or the police that I was in LOVE with this, then, 12 year old. Super HOT 12 year old. No, it’s not weird. I was 4, and as I aged, she stayed 12 and  it stayed okay. So I can still say she was hot at 12 because I’m saying it as a 4 year old in my head…She looks like Lauren Holly a little from Dumb and Dumber now…I GUESS that’s a good thing….

Thats right. It’s the Childlike Empress from Neverending Story, Tami Stronach. Did you know she’s been dancing her whole life? Did you know she didn’t do any movie after this movie? Did you know Wolfgang Peterson directed that fucken movie? He directed Enemy Mine, Perfect Storm, Troy, and Poseidon. I wish I could tell you more about Tami and why she didn’t do hot 90’s movies I could have enjoyed as a 15 year old. Why was she the “Childlike” Empress?? Was she like….Queen Elizabeth’s age…in her 80’s but was just “Childlike”…Wow, someone stop me from spiraling…Tami Stronach, we speak your name, here at NB. We are interested in an interview. Hop on Falkor and get your hot Childlike ass over here…In that context, it IS weird!

I was looking for a picture of Falkor and couldn’t NOT put this random picture up once I came across it!!

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