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What we have here is a display of a mans fetish for latex and Spiderman. It’s by far the creepiest thing we’ve ever posted.  We advise you not to watch. No, seriously don’t. You will feel weird, strange and confused. The world just won’t make any sense to you. Please this is your last chance, turn back while you still can……..Your watching the video aren’t you? Don’t say we didn’t warn you. All there is to see is 2 minutes of a guy in a Spiderman, latex, outfit caressing himself and breathing hard. Mind you that’s 2 minutes of your life you won’t get back. That’s 2 minutes of you questioning your sexuality. That’s 2 minutes of you wondering where the hell does one find a Spiderman suit with crotch zippers? There’s just too many questions and too many wrong feelings. Just stop watching, you’ll be better for it. We promise. You finished the video didn’t you? Well congratulations. You F’N pervert, welcome to the team. Now go get a buddy or lady friend and make them watch it. No, seriously it will be funny. Oh and there is a bonus video (after the jump) of the same guy in Spidermans black suit. Which is more disturbing? Will let you and your friends decide.

source: geekologie (you can put the blame on them)

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