zelda-magic3Magic the Gathering, its what all the cool kids were playing in the library during lunch and I was one of those cool kids. Nate Baby, who I can tell is a fan of both Legend of Zelda and Magic the Gathering, came up with an idea that of mixing the two. The results, these awesome looking cards. Someone needs to make this now, I’ve been interested in playing Magic again and if these were made, I would defiantly jump back on. I mean c’mon, I was suckered into buying the Donkey Kong CCG that was based on that CG Cartoon Show…and I was the only one who did, so obviously I would buy these as I collected other CCG’s just because I was a nut for them. Check out more card images after the jump.zelda-magic2


Would some of ya’ll buy these or is there another mix you would like to see and buy, if so, tell us what it is.

Source: Unreality Magazine

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