cokedressNYT2210_468x279Can you spot the difference with one vending machine with the others? No? Look at the ground…do you see it? The one on the bottom has FEET!!! Thats right, it’s a person disguising themselves as a Coke vending machine. Aya Tsukioka, who was inspired by ninjas, designed this skirt in which you can lift it to disguise into a vending machine when one feels the need to protect oneself from an attacker. How is it inspired by ninjas you asked? Well, when a ninja needed to hide, they bust out a black blanket like cloth to hide themselves in the night, or in some anime, a cloak that has chameleon like powers and hide anywhere they want. Tsukioka designed the skirt to let women feel a bit safer at night with this skirt and did say it may take some practice to do it quick. Check after the jump for images of the “amazing transformation” into a vending machine.cokedressNYT2210a_468x351


cokedressNYT2210c_468x352What do you guys think? You think this is something that can fool someone or is it too obvious to tell that its fake. Usually if I had to go hide, I would try to fit my fat ass under a car, so this may seem a bit easier…just would be weird for some dude to wear a skirt, then again, I’m Japanese Scottish, I can either say I’m cos-playing or that its my kilt.

Source: Daily Mail

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