matt_smith_doctor__1215943c(article written by Dr. Who fantatic and nerdbastards fan Joan Meister, producer for Discovery Channels Build It Bigger)

First impression after having just watched the newly released trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who…… When the FUCK did this show turn into a program for teenagers on The CW? This looks more like a trailer for a, Twilight-loving, panty wetting 13 year old than the badass, suspenseful, sci-fi thrill ride that Doctor Who is and should always remain. Bottom line- I’m nervous.

Initially when I heard that The Doctor would soon be played by 26 year old Matt Smith I scoffed at his age but still held hope in the thought that, “Nah, these guys know what they’re doing. They won’t let me down.” But this teaser? Really? REALLY??? Fuckin’ A…

Absolutely the only thing that looked intriguing about the entire teaser was the very end when the lizard head thing blows through the ground and the theme music starts. Just hearing the theme music gives me chills. Everything up to that point, though… ugh. After re-watching, The Doctor and new companion Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillian, look like they’re about to make out at any second. What is Steven Moffit playing at? Is he trying to give Doctor Who more Sex appeal? Trying to usher in a new group of viewers to the already smash hit? Trying to breathe new life into its decades old bones? I’ll wait until I see an episode or two before I totally write off Matt Smith but until then, let the nail biting commence.

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