Would you like to see San Diego Comic Con move to Anaheim, CA or Las Vegas, NV? Blashemy right? Well according to the San Diego Union Tribune these two locals are currently drawing up plans to make formal bids to house Comic Con as early as 2013. Our whole audience is or should somewhat be familiar with Comic Con. We are stating the obvious here but for those that have never been or don’t know much about it, Comic Con is the Mecca for nerds/geeks. It started in the late 70’s as a local comic book convention. Since then, the nerd/geek culture has exploded into the mainstream and Comic Con has grown with it. Once a small venue for comic book enthusisists it has evolved into a massive promo market for movie, television, video games and so on. For four full days, July 22-25, attendees can visit panels, showroom and signings, meet comic book, television and film creatives and gather with other like-minded individuals. In other words, nerd F’N paradise! However, as any past attendee can tell you, Comic is too big for its own good. In the course of 4 days and 5 nights (Fifth night being a preview night) the halls of the San Diego Convention Center see over 126,000 people. That’s a lot of people. As big as the convention center is it quite frankly can’t house that many people. Hell, when your walking around the exhibit floor your bumping shoulders with a bunch of sweaty mouth breathers and as we all know nerds don’t often shower. It’s kinda gross. Giving up personal space is not so troubling as much as not being able to get at anything. You want to check out a booth that’s 5 feet away it takes you 10 minutes to get there because the path is just jammed with people. Even if you were Andre the Giant screaming “EVERYBODY MOVE”, you wouldn’t get thru any faster because there is no room for anyone to go anywhere. That’s just getting there, never mind the wall of flesh surrounding the booth.  It’s a fucking nightmare! There are many other issues we could vent about but perhaps the biggest issue, next to convention center space, is limited hotel availability. If you are traveling to Comic Con and plan on staying then you have to book your trip a half a year if not a full year in advance or else your fucked. You won’t find a place to stay. So with these problems it’s not hard to see that Comic Con is outgrowing it’s venue. San Diego has more demands that it can meet but cities like Anaheim and Las Vegas, with their convention centers and hotels, can easily accomodate.  For Comic Con purists like myself I can’t imagine the convention anywhere else. It was born in San Diego and should remain there. However, with conventions centers like in Anaheim, which has half a million more square feet of convention space, I might be inclined to sacrfice my loyalty for a better experince. Then again, there are a bunch of other traffic like nightmares that one would have to encur should Comic Con move to Anaheim or Vegas. Anaheim is a huge tourist area. Need I mention Disney Land? F’N Vegas is just as bad. Ya, they have more hotel rooms, plenty of convention space and everything is within walking distance but the Vegas strip is as crowded as the halls of San Diego Comic Con. Despite those potential problems the benefits probably still out way the cons (haha pun intended). Despite the benefits I personally don’t see Comic Con going anywhere. It really all comes down to the fans. We are the ones that made this popular and our voice carries a lot of weight. If I’m right, fans won’t want the convention moved. Am I right in that assement? Would you guys and gals like to see Comic Con moved to a bigger and better venue like Las Vegas or are you a San Diego loyalist?

Just so you all know the organation behind the show has a contract to stay in San Diego through 2012. Anaheim is drawing up a plan to formally bid for Comic Con, and the board at Comic Con International is expected to make a decision about whether to move within the next month. Will keep you posted

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