If you haven’t seen Toy Story then it’s too late for your life to have any meaning whatsoever. It was by far one of Pixar’s best films ever and will remain a timeless classic as far as animated films are concerned. Tim Allen’s character, Buzz Lightyear, is the exotic, new, all-the-rage toy who is able to strike awe in to all the toys that he meets. Buzz’s background story is that he is a space ranger and believes that he is lost in space or time, instead of the reality that he is just a toy. Either way you might be thinking he looks a little soft to be patrolling the galaxies and dealing with alien scum. This is where Raoni Nery comes in. He rendered a 3-D image of his own Buzz Lightyear, which is in my opinion brutal. He decided that he would combine elements of Starcraft’s Mariners and Buzz Light Year in order to create his own little “parody”.  He has done many other realistic 3-D images that are stunning, and my only complaint with this one is that I really wanted to see a battle worn Buzz. Maybe him charging his laser while he is standing atop some life form’s head. *chills* Enjoy kids!

zz51142092-550x412Source: Slashfilm

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