n64_ZeldaOOT_Link_Playing_OcarinaBeing blind would be awful as in I wouldn’t be able to play my video games, watch anime and wrestling, or even look at internet porn…I mean YouTube videos. Anyways, Jordan Verner, is a blind person who asked for help on YouTube ever since he started playing the N64 classic, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He got a taste of an awesome game but unfortunately cannot finish the game with his disability. Then, Roy Williams and three other gamers decided to help Jordan out by writing a move by move script to help him finish the game. The project took two years but Jordan was finally able to beat the game. As Jordan’s school motto is “The impossible is only the untried,” which is true here, showing that through dedication, even a blind person can get through the dreadful Water Temple. Check out the vid after the break, as it has William’s local news reporting on the matter.

Source: Geekologie, WISTV

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