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In case you need evidence that people were on drugs in the 80s, you’re in luck this May, because that’s when Warner Home Video will release its Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1980s Volume 1 DVD.

Like all drug dealers, they offer you some good stuff–a chance to own episodes of the beloved “Thundarr the Barbarian“–before sticking you with the shit that’s cut with baby powder. You’ll get to enjoy (maybe that’s too strong a word) “The Biskitts,” “The Flintstone Kids,” and “Monchichis.” To be fair, though, you also get to watch the Mr. T cartoon, imaginatively called “Mr. T,” in which in addition to pitying fools and suckas, he also coaches a coed gymnastic team and drives a van. Because that’s not creepy or anything.

If that’s not enough ass-kickery, there’s also “Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos.” Hells yes.

Other shows represented include “The Completely Mental Adventures of Ed Grimley,” “Galtar and the Golden Lance” (no, that’s not a porn title), “Dragon’s Lair,” “The Kwicky Koala Show,” and “Goldie Gold and Action Jack.”

That last one isn’t a porn title, either.

Now keep in mind this is only the first volume. We can only hope the second volume will include more classics like “Pac-Man,” “Rubik the Amazing Cube,” and “Turbo Teen.”

I never noticed how so many cartoons sound like porn.

The set hits shelves on May 4 and lists for $26.98. BYOB.

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