Chris Evans IS Captain America!!!


Over the weekend, the Internet was screaming that, Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) had, out of no where, been offered the role of Captain America in Marvel’s upcoming superhero film, The First Avenger Captain America. It’s been confirmed by Heat Vision that he’s accepted their offer and will take the role.

Evans caught everyone by surprise as he was not in the running of actors short listed to play CAP. The list included John Krasinski (The Office), Scott Porter (Speed RacerFriday Night LightsCaprica), Mike Vogel (She’s Out of My LeagueCloverfieldMichael Cassidy (Smallville) and Patrick Flueger (BrothersThe 4400), Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) , Channing Tatum (G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra) and Garret Hedlund (Tron Legacy). A pool of douches, and disfigured freaks if you ask me (talking to you John Krasinski). Chris didn’t even screen test which means Marvel wanted him from the beginning, must of saw something in him that nobody else offered. They approaced him with a 9-picture (possible Avengers flick, cameos and what not) at a mere $300,000 salary. Chris took the weekend to mull over the low ball offer. It’s assumed that after hearing positive fan reaction over the net and his past history with Marvel is what made him seal the deal.

Chris is fine choice. Got the look and the swagger. However, most folks see him as the The Human Torch from the two Fantastic Four flicks. Being that he did a stellar job as Johnny Storm (note: he was the only saving grace, those two films sucked) it will be hard to disassociate him from that character but will see.

So, this is all well and good but the more important question here is, who’s gonna play Bucky?

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