March is that one month of year where people set up a bracket at the work place and internet and seeing if it matches up to the College Basketball’s Final Four Tournament. If you ask me, kind of a waste of time since I don’t enjoy college sports as much as I do with actual sports (what? a nerd that likes sports, blasphemy!) Anyways, the fine folks at ESPN, yeah that sports channel, has also set up another bracket that has many DC and Marvel characters going against each other. Separated by Superheroes and Supervillains, they are down to their Incredible 8 which features Superman vs. Wolverine, Batman vs. Iron Man, Lex Luthor vs. The Riddler, and The Joker vs. Dr. Doom. Of course this is all done by voting and gotta say, thats not a bad Incredible 8. What do you guys think? You think this is just dumb for them to try since they are a sports channel or you thinks it neat that they try to do this. Personally, I probably would have added other characters in there to change it up because c’mon, there was no way Robin could beat Batman…well, he could “beat him off” in one way though.

Source: Geekologie, ESPN Radio “The Herd” Superheroes vs. Supervillains Bracket

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