Wrestlemania 26 Results & Review

wrestlemania26Sunday, March 28th, WWE held it’s 26th Wrestlemania event at Glendale, Arizona and folks, it had it’s hits and misses (and had to wait standing in line for an hour and a half to be seated at B-Dubs to watch this). We had the first Bret Hart match after he left WWE 12 years ago. The returning Rated R Superstar went one on one with his former partner Y2J for the World Heavyweight title. The “fans dream match” of John Cena vs. Batista for the WWE title. There were many matches on the card and they added a match late last night just so there was 10 matches on the card. Check out after the jump to see who won and what happened during the event.

If all you want is just to read who won, read the bold print only then.

The pre-show match was a 26 man over the top rope battle royal featuring the wrestlers who didn’t have a match. This match will be an extra for the DVD/Blu-Ray release. Yoshi Tatsu won the  battle royal as he and Zack Ryder (WOO WOO WOO!) were the final two.

The Unified Tag Team Champions, ShowMiz (Big Show & The Miz) successfully defend their titles against John Morrison & R-Truth.


This was the show opener and it what it try to do, it got the crowd ready for the big event. R-Truth & Morrison used their speed and jumping ability to their best to get the crowd going as they pummel The Miz down. Big Show showed what he does best, his strength to slow and bring down two, and with his knockout punch, he pinned Morrison for the win. Funny, seems like Big Show only win in tag matches at Wrestlemanias.

Triple Threat Match: Randy Orton defeated Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.Orton

This had the standard 2-on-1 Triple Threat match where it was a handicap match until one of them went for the pin and the two started fighting, which is exactly what happen to DiBiase and Rhodes as DiBiase went for the pin. Once they started fighting, the viper took his time to do what he does best, deliver pain on the two Legacy members. Once that happens, Orton did all his signature moves and we saw the return of the punt kick as he kicked Rhodes’ heads. DiBiase tried to take the advantage after the punt by doing the Dream Street but Orton reversed it into a RKO for the win. After the match, Orton got on the pose and his old pose, which was awesome to see once again as I was a happy school girl watching him pose.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Jack Swagger defeated Kane, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Christian, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, and MVP.


If there was one complaint, for ten people, this should have had more awesome spots but even still, it was enjoyable nonetheless. Being the monster, Kane was targeted a lot, Bourn had his Air Bourne moment but was a bit disappointing. Benjamin and Ziggler didn’t do much in the match, which is a shame for Benjamin as this is always his moment to shine, although it seemed this year it went to Kofi as he had good spots and one hilarious spot. There was also some new ways the ladders were used and set up but it seemed a little disorganize with so many participants. It seemed Christian and Matt Hardy was the two favorites to win but out of no where, and taking his damn time trying to get the briefcase down, the All American American won the match and shocked quite a lot of people, and I was one of them. Just a damn shame he didn’t cash it in at all at Wrestlemania…at least he won’t have a problem saying Mr. Money in the Bank with his lisp.

Triple H defeated Sheamus


It wasn’t bad for a match with two power houses and it could have a lot worse. This match will surely help Sheamus out for the future a lot more than the Ultimate Warrior/Hunter Hearst Hemsley match from WM12 (in a 96 second match). Of course, with all the beating the King of Kings was taking, he pulled a Pedigree out of no where to beat the big Celtic Warrior.

Rey Mysterio defeated C.M. Punk. Stipulation: If Punk won, Mysterio had to join Punk’s Straight Edge Society.


Rey’s outfit was ridiculous and I couldn’t stop shaking my head every time the fake pony tail from the top of his mask was flying. Anyways, it seemed like the odds was stack against Mysterio as Punk had his society ring side to help out, but it was enough to stop the fast Rey Rey. If it wasn’t for Punk being able to keep up with Rey, this match would have been a disaster. As Gallows tried to interfere, Mysterio throws Punk into the crotch of Gallows and was 619’d and was pinned. Punk had some highlight moment as he was able to pull many reversals to put Rey in the Go To Sleep position but it was enough to stop Mr. 619. Leave it to WWE though to have kids boo at someone who tells you that drugs and alcohol is bad for you.

No Holds Barred Match: Bret Hart defeated Vince McMahon


So remember last weeks list where I said that one of the reasons to watch this years WM and also why it would suck would be this match, well… I wasn’t too far from it. Vince came out thinking he screwed Bret again by paying off the Hart Family, including the Hart Dynasty, by having them as the lumberjacks and on Vince’s side, with Bruce being the special guest referee. Well, Bret revealed that he was on it the whole time and this time Bret screwed Vince and in hence, Vince screwed Vince (a lot of screwing with men, not cool!).  After finding this out, it serious became nothing but a long torture match for Vince. That was the problem, this went on too long. I understand this was Bret’s chance to let out all the anger and vent up feelings he had to be let go but seriously, the match didn’t needed to be as long as it needed to be. After being attacked by the Hart family, the Hart Dynasty, and being hit with a crow bar and steel chair, Bret finally did The Sharpshooter and Vince weakly tapped out.

Chris Jericho successfully defended his World Heavyweight Title against Edge.


Two Canada’s finest had their shine last night. Although the match started some what slow with rest holds (though we did get Jericho yelling at ref saying “Ask Him!”) the match picked up its pace after a while. Probably the great moments were when Edge attempted to do his finisher, the Spear, since this was built up as that all it takes is one spear and it’s over. For the first attempt, Jericho simply rolled out of the ring. The second attempt, he smoothly counter it into the Walls of Jericho and for the third attempt, he gave Edge a Codebreaker head on (after Jericho tried to attempt for a spear himself, he met with a boot to his face).

Though that Codebreaker wasn’t enough to put the Rated R Superstar down, Jericho starts playing dirty and attacks Edge old injured leg and eventually grabbed his title. After the ref got bumped and was down, Jericho hit Edge with the title and went for another Codebreaker for the win. After the match, Edge exploded into a rage, got Jericho on top of the Spanish table, Edge ran across from the English announce table and Speared Jericho into the barricade. I’m going to admit and say I was surprised by this ending as I was expecting for Edge to win seeing how he was the Royal Rumble winner and was going after Jericho for revenge. Either way, was a win-win situation for me as I’m a fan for both and hopefully the feud continues on.

The team of Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, Alicia Fox, & Vickie Guerrero defeated the team of Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Eve Torres, and Kelly Kelly.


So this match was added to the card very late Saturday night and to be honest, it shouldn’t have been added. I got nothing against women wrestling but wow…this match, this match here…was total crap as this was the worst Wrestlemania Divas match. Every one started off by beating on Vickie which somehow led to Vickie not being effected by the beat down she just had and screamed at Kelly Kelly. This led to all the Divas doing their finisher. Although McCool, Mickie, Maryse, and Phoenix pulled off their finisher right… the rest was just all terrible timing and sloppy.

Literally everyone at Buffalo Wild Wings were shaking their heads as this match made the Bret vs. Vince match WAY better. Once all the divas pulled their finisher, Vickie decided to do her late husband move, Eddie Guerrero’s Frog Splash, and pretty much fell on Kelly. Vickie failed at her pin attempt at first as she moved Kelly’s shoulders off the mat and then after what was like thirty seconds or so, finally pinned her right for the win. I’m sure they probably weren’t giving enough time for the match and they all tried their best but wow, this match drained a lot of people out.

John Cena defeated Batista and became the New WWE Champion


During the stare down at the beginning of the match, we got to see an awesome South Park theme sign that said Batista likes Fish sticks. In fact, there was a few great signs that popped up during this match. These men pulled it off, this match was leagues better than the SummerSlam match they had in the past and I’m glad they did because this got everyone pumped up again after that Divas match. Just like the Edge/Jericho match, it started off slow and they eventually let the pace of the match pick up and it did get better and better by the moment with each pulling off their signature moves and finisher moves, though there was a few sloppy moves  but still, not as bad as the Divas match.

We got a Five Knuckle Shuffle from the top rope and Batista reversing Cena’s Leg Drop from the top rope into a Spine Buster (a bit sloppy but it had impact still), Batista was going for his second Batista Bomb in which Cena reversed it into the STF submission and it was enough to force the Animal to tap. After the match, Cena celebrated and posed in front of people that were wearing ‘We Hate Cena’ shirts, which did get a laugh out of me.

Streak vs. Career, No DQ & No Count Outs, The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels and further his WM streak to 18-0 and also, ended Michaels career.


Last year, the Deadman and HBK had one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches ever and this match had a lot riding as this was potentially Michaels last match and was also the main event. Michaels came out pumped and not afraid and was not intimidated at all as Taker made his way into the ring. The match started with HBK doing the thumb cross the throat pose and pissed Taker off by doing so. The match started off fast unlike the two earlier world title matches as the two crafty veterans were doing what no one thought could be possible, outdo last years match. Taker and Michaels both tried to pull off their finisher quick but was both reverse in time. Michaels kept aiming at the knees of the dead man while the dead man was over powering the Heart Break Kids at moments.

We had HBK doing the figure four and reversing a Tombstone pile driver into Ankle Lock, but it wasn’t enough to make Taker tap. This had led to HBK trying to moonsault into Taker outside of the ring but it was reversed into Tombstone, but it was only good for a two once Taker was able to put Michaels back in the ring. The dead man goes for the Last Ride but HBK reversed it by pulling Talkers face down as he was doing the power bomb. HBK goes for his elbow dropped but was blocked and reverse into the Hell’s Gate submission in which HBK reversed it into a pin that was good for two and then lead to a Sweet Chin Music that was good for a two. There was another Sweet Chin Music attempt but Taker reversed it into the Last Ride which was good for two.

Things go outside which lead to Michaels doing a moonsault on Taker through the table. Once back in the ring, HBK went for the pin but was only good for a two and got a Sweet Chin Music in and once again, only good for two. Another Sweet Chin Music attempt reverse into a Choke Slam and then a Tombstone but was only good for a two. Taker was going to do the thumb across the throat but stopped as he say Michaels laying their trying to get up. He told HBK to stay down but Michaels slowly got up and mocked Taker once again by doing the thumb across the throat. The angry dead man picked up HBK and pulled a beautiful Tombstone Piledriver that lead the dead man to victory and also, 18-0 now. After the match, Taker and HBK shook hands and hugged. HBK stayed in the ring and got  standing ovation as tonight was the Heart Break Kid’s last match. HBK walked down the ramp and did one final pose while holding his tears back to end the night.

Overall, this was a better Wrestlemania than last year. It did have it’s lows but at least the two world title matches were better than last year and Undertaker/Michaels showed that regardless of age, these two can bust out a great match at the grandest stage of them all. With Extreme Rules just four weeks away, WWE will immediately start making matches tonight on RAW for the event and expect some Wrestlemania rematches for the event. With the internet, there is ways to watch this but this is worth the buy for any WWE fan once this is released for DVD/BluRay in May.

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