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Those rascally rebels are at it again. You guessed it! Pissing off Vader. But seriously, what doesn’t piss off Vader? He’s always strangling people with pinchy fingers, via conference calls, and finds everyone’s “Lack of faith disturbing…” God, talk about being a religious nut and being all in your face about it.

He’s got 99 problems but a Jedi ain’t one…That’s what its circulating as on CollegeHumor

This video is pretty funny. The visuals I think are better then the song. The rapping and the lyrics are sub par, but the video, Vader, Leia, and the movie clips own it. This song doesn’t hold a torch to MC Chris’s “My Backpack’s Got Jets, I’m Boba The Fette”. The Rapping is spectacular, the lyrics are virally catchy as is the chorus, BUT, there is no video!! Only fan made, nothing pro.

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