It’s “Guess Who??” Monday


Look at this guy on the left. Looks pretty happy doesn’t he? Content even? Well maybe he’s one of the only Guess Who’s who is happy, and I will not begrudge him that. Guys like Corey Haim and Boner from Growing Pains have paid the price for being a child star or actor. But this man here turned life into life. He didn’t spiral after no more big movies came knocking at his door, no, he embraced his 15 and maybe is even happy in his life of normalcy. Here’s a hint. He now works at a sporting goods store in Canada….Ok maybe the pic was a dead giveaway…So then, who was he???joeynow

Joey Cramer from Flight of the Navigator is alive and well working in a sporting goods store in Canada. He only did about a half dozen films and then hung it up. I mean, COME ON, he worked with Pee Wee Herman in one of the greatest roles ever, Max the Robot, thats a free pass to hang it up and be a legend! He’s one of the proud few who got to work with the underrated Children’s God of the 80’s. Joey Cramer is elite,  so I am happy for his happiness, I hope he continues to do well. JC, we speak your name.

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