Pokemon was a great deal of my life (speaking of which I busted out Yellow version and a Gameboy Color out just for old time sake). The anime, the many Gameboy games, the cards, the toys, and hell, Pokemon Monopoly. The monsters either looked cool or cute, which help it brought both guys and girls to love it and most of wished they were real. Well, one Valigarmander took the time to explain the reality of some of the abilities that are described of certain Pokemon all thanks to the many entries of the PokeDex. I guess Valigarmander is trying to explain how it’s impossible for some these Pokemon to exist and that their PokeDex entries is over exaggerated, which come on, it’s Pokemon. Oh wells, some of the look into realities make some of the Pokemon sounds cooler than they already are. With 495 Pokemon so far, only time will tell how many more will be made and more people to be pissed of at, like Polygon Z. Check out the full size image after the jump.


Source: Unreality Magazine

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