star-fox-corgi1Just playing. That’s just the cutest and best dressed welsh corgi I’ve ever freaking seen. What dog sleeps like that? And wears epic video game garb, throwing the users of the internet into a whirlwind of mixed emotions? It’s like watching the goddamn Notebook. I’ve cried, laughed, been horrified and masturbated over the duration of seeing this picture, and I’ve only been writing this article for like 5 minutes. Oh well.. After you get over the initial shock of how accurately this tiny dog portrays Fox McCloud, you have to ask yourself one question. “Is it wrong to dress innocent animals up like the things we love in life?” The answer is Hell No. There should be no moral dilemma to dressing my cat up as Lion-O. AND THERE ISN’T, believe me. Morals are for losers, like the Amish. And I shouldn’t get any flak for that comment, because I know that none of you bastards are amish, because they don’t even use electricity. But, I’m not sure if that’s correct, so don’t hold me to it. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing Falco, Peppy, Star Wolf, but not Slippy.. HOLY SHIT she was annoying, right? Well enjoy!


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