Do you love video games? I mean do you REALLY love video games? Well, today is your lucky day! You can now get down and dirty (or should I say clean) with a wide range of nintendo cartridges; anything from original NES to Nintendo 64. Whether you need to scrub off the grime from your nine to five or just rub one out to picturesque 8-bit princess toadstool this is the soap for you.


These bars of soap will run you at about $2 – $6 and judging by the pictures only comes in Lime Mint but that has yet to be confirmed. If you would like to get your greasy hands on these fine gems then head over to They don’t just stop with cartridges either. If you check out the site they have other wicked geeky soaps like twelve sided die, tri-force, domo, and many many others.

[ via NerdApproved ]

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