Marvel Thinks Small With Movie Plans

luke_cageSweet Christmas! Can you imagine if they made small-budget movies that featured everyone’s favorite third-tier Marvel heroes? Well,’s Devin Faraci reports that this is in the works, with directors getting to pick the third-stringers of their choice.

While the top heroes on people’s minds are Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Dr. Strange for starters, that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Marvel has a metric crapton of characters in its stable, and some of them could make really cool movies, provided they aren’t like Megapiranha or something.marvel alpha walrus

In case Marvel is having trouble narrowing it down, here are some helpful suggestions:

Great Lakes Avengers–This could be a decent comedy, playing the members of the GLA for laughs. Given that the founding members were Big Bertha, Dinah Soar, Doorman, Flatman, Leather Boy, and Mr. Immortal, it wouldn’t be hard. It could even use Squirrel Girl joining the group as the entry point.

Yes. Squirrel Girl.

And please, please, please, let them fight The Walrus. Woo-woo, indeed.

It would also be cool for the nerds to have a What If? movie, but there’s no way that wouldn’t be confusing as hell for the non-nerds. It would be interesting to see who’d get cast as The Watcher, though.

Or how kickass would it be to have say, The Defenders, fighting Fin Fang Foom? Just to hear that name in a theatrically released picture would be worth the admission.

Which third-stringers would you like to see in a Marvel flick?

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