We didn’t know when the final shot would ring. Though now it has. It happened to 45’s and then 8 Tracks, Cassettes are practically antiques and CD’s? I shudder when I look at my collection of CD’s, feeling their digital eyes, judging me, “Hey, I haven’t seen you since you loaded me onto your Ipod, Zach? What’s up?”

Well now a staple of computers since the dawn of the home unit, is flying the way of the Dodo.

On April 23rd, Sony announced that it would begin phasing out the sale of its floppy disks in Japan, confirming that all sales within the country will come to a complete halt in March 2011.

2000, for example, Sony sold 47 million disks in Japan alone. In 2009, though, it only managed to move 8.5 million — which, if you think about it, is still a pretty impressive feat, considering that hardly any recently built computers actually support 3.5-inch disks.

We speak your names, floppy discs. With all the new advancements in technology I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I mean, you can save all your files on just your hard drives now or even things like Gmail and websites that will hold your info for you in the event that your computer gets a virus or crashes. We are flying now and we don’t need our floppy wings any longer.

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