Sure, watching the convoluted mess that is Lost from beginning to end is a sign of dedication in itself. Honestly, anyone that has stuck it out for all 6 seasons deserves a freaking medal. Regardless, that’s nothing compared to the commitment of Gideon Slife. He has one upped all the lostie fans out there by embarking on an incredible feat. He aims to create an art poster for each and every episode of Lost. Not a task his is taking lightly mind you. He puts much care in capturing each episode. Given that each poster is very minimalistic in style and layout it’s impressive that he’s able to encapsulate them so well.  It’s awesome but extensive work.

While some may think Gideon has no life, others like myself say that art IS life.

As it stands right now he is about half way through the fourth season and has created 78 posters so far. Each and every one is like a trip down memory lane. Memories of confusion and anger but memories non the less.

check out a few of his posters after the jump

for the rest of the 78 Lost Posters head on over to Gideon flickr.

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