Yes folks, these are the great people that made rice balls into donuts, changing guns into finger pointing, and the boss  of the company claiming kids don’t read all while the Harry Potter books was out making big bucks. 4Kids has done a lot and most of it is bad rep, but they did brought us the Pokemon anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, Magical Doremi, and initially, One Piece. After losing the Pokemon license, 4Kids tried hard to make their own shows which all were trying to either be a Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh! rip-offs because they wanted merchandise to sale. Recently, 4Kids made an announcement that it needs to go back to its roots and start licensing shows like they used to, and this fall we will see this re-branding in the form of Toonzai.

Just like how Toonami was a block of Japanese anime, Toonzai will be doing the same every Saturday morning and the three anime shows that so far is known to air will be Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sonic X, which are two anime they have had the license for years now. The big announcement is that Dragon Ball Z Kai will be part of this line up, so we get out good old censored DBZ action like we had 12-13 years ago. They also teased that there are more surprises left to announce but will be revealed later. Although I may not like how 4Kids dealt with their editing of show, I want them to succeed since this is something that can help the anime industry. The Toonzai re-branding is expected to air sometime after the summer and hopefully, we won’t see too much editing like the old ways or else we will have another alcohol edit as hot sauce moment.

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