Halo: Reach-Awesome Ad Campaign


So in the future of being a super soldier, apparently you are filled with RAINBOWS!! Not adamantium. The new commercial for Halo: Reach shows Carter 259 being made into a Spartan, before being shipped out to action. The new Halo FPS is being tauted as the future of online gaming, but they always say that.. They have given Reach, the Halo: ODST treatment, these live action commercials are starting to grow on me. (Check out the ODST below). This new commercial for REACH does a fine job of pumping us for the game but it’s also really depressing. Much like the trailer for ODST it’s a clear demonstration of how a Halo movie could work. It has yet to be attempted as it’s supposedly too big of a material. Yet, here are two epically awesome trailers that show us that it can be done well and with moderate affordability. Sigh, will someone step up and just make us a feature length Halo movie?

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