super_mario_crossoverSometimes, usually after another ignominious death from a mistimed jump, I’d think, “Man, if Mega Man took Mario’s place, he’d kick some ass.” But since that was back in caveman times and I had no mad programming skills, I gathered food for my tribe instead.

But now, in the future, the enterprising souls at Exploding Rabbit have done just that very thing: Super Mario Crossover lets you play the classic Super Mario Bros. not only as Mario, but Mega Man, Samus (from Metroid), Bill (from Contra), Link (from the Zelda games), or Simon (of Castlevania fame).

And if that isn’t cool enough, you also get abilities appropriate to each character, such as Mega Man’s floor slide.

Say goodbye to your productivity today.

(via Boing Boing)

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