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Stephen Baldwin.  Yes, somehow Joss Whedon and Stephen Baldwin are in the same news story.  Don’t ask me why, I didn’t come up with this shit.  Anywho, hilarious video has been made and so we here at NB must share it with our readers.  Stephen Baldwin has put up a website asking people to donate money to his cause.  His cause being himself.  Says he’s a man of god who needs to be restored, like Job was.  Except for Baldwin to be restored, we need to donate money.  ….Riiiiiight.

So the user Thebighonkin on youtube, decided to make a response video which basically says fuck Stephen Baldwin, we should be restoring Joss Whedon.  (Not like he needs it.  I’m pretty sure he’s well off at this point.)  Joss Whedon is much more awesome than Baldwin and therefore deserves our donations more.  Check out the video after the jump.  Funny shit.

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