Yes, that is someone wearing the blue helmet of Capcom’s blue bomber and no it’s not a Syfy movie… well, for now at least. About a year ago, the internet got this trailer and mostly good things were said. Hell, even I was waiting for this. Here we are, a year later, Eddie Lebron (who is also responsible for the GhostBusters Generations fan film trailer) released a full fan made film, which clocks in at 93 minutes and best of all, free to watch. The story is pretty much faithful to the first Mega Man game, as it has all 6 robot masters and one memorable boss from Wily’s Castle. Throw in Blues/Proto Man and this film should make any Mega Man fan smile. Just seeing Ice Man and his disorder was enough of a reason for me to watch this.

Source: Topless Robot, Eddie Lebron’s Website

“MegaMan”-Fan Film from Eddie Lebron on Vimeo.

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