Who is this guy? Our Guess Who Monday’s have gone full circle. Ah, a hint perhaps? Is it the new Mr. T from the New A-Team’s cousin? Nah. Go back farther and farther, than, a little farther. Still stayed a cute kid I think.


Steven Spielberg’s Hook! Do you remember Thud? The cutest of the Lost Boys and after Rufio was offed by Captain Hook, handed the golden sword of Peter Pan to play leader. Raushan Hamond, I’m so sorry to say after a few TV shows, has sadly fallen off the Silver Screen. And I can’t find any info on his whereabouts besides the good people at Google. He had some panache, I thought, and out of all the Lost Boys would have had some star power…Fun fact, in the movie, the character is ACTUALLY named Thud Butt…So maybe that hurt his street cred?

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