An Alternate Look at ‘Empire’

chewbacca_pervThe folks at io9 helpfully point us to Crave Online’s take on the first-draft script of “The Empire Strikes Back” by Leigh Brackett that is floating through the tubes of the Interwebs.

Keep in mind that as a first draft, stuff will eventually get dropped, changed, or moved around. But still, there was a lot of stuff in there that would’ve been awesome.

How badass would a fight between Chewbacca and a wampa be? That was in there. Luke also had a twin sister, and it wasn’t Leia. Had that stayed in there, Empire wouldn’t have that creepy incest vibe we try not to notice.

This first draft was written in 1978 by science-fiction author and screenwriter Leigh Brackett, who sadly died not long after completing the first draft. Subsequent drafts were done by George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan.

In the Crave Online write-up, they outline some things from the script that ended up in the prequels. It’s really interesting to see what might have been.

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