He-Man Says “Hey”


Unless you folks don’t know by now, I’m a full on He-Man and The Master of The Universe fan. Ya know, that blond, muscular, ” I have the power” dude from the classic 80’s cartoon and epic toy line? More so than not, people remember He-Man as being gay. With characters like Beast Man, Ram Man and ahem… Fisto, I can’t say I blame them. However, I’ve done all I can to convince myself that He-Man is not gay. Otherwise it would make me question my own sexuality. Just cause I like big brawny men in bondage gear doesn’t mean I’m gay, does it? Well, after seeing the following cartoon audio edit which features He-Man singing “Whats going on?” by 4 Non Blondes I officially give up. There is no defending He-Man after this. Defending myself is another matter. All I can say is “I’m feeling a little peculiar”

On a side note: “Now it’s time for cake”

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