What’s drunk? Irish? Uses the N-word and Not Boarding His Flight?

That sounds like it would be the buildup of GREAT Hollywood joke, with the answer being…What? Colin Farrell? Russell Crowe for a layman? But no, the royalty of Irish Alchys, Johnathan Rhys Meyers, King Henry of the Tudors has been arrested again. Worth a mention cuz this time he did the evil of all devilish darings whilst intoxicated at JFK airport, he was being belligerent and throwing a tantrum and well, ya know…EVERY WHITE CELEBRITY DOES THIS WHEN THEY’RE DRUNK!Dropped the ole’ N-Bomb, for god knows why…

I am a HUGE Tudors Nerd, I love ren-faire shit and period piece clothing and use all of it in my mind towards my D&D campaigns…BUT NOT THIS STORY!!! (Christine, also a Tudor Whore)

When airline workers noticed the actor drinking and getting out of control they prevented him from boarding the flight to Los Angeles, a source at the airport told us. As the incident unfolded, Meyers, growing furious, flung the ‘N’ word, the source told RadarOnline.com exclusively. He had been drinking vodka and it was before 7 am. It is unclear if the actor was directing the word toward an individual or just spewing it without a specific target.

This is Meyer’s 3rd strike for drunk in public behavior, but his first N-word. Come on Man!!! For all the Tudors Nerdbastards out there (specifically Christine and myself) this is shocking news and totally inappropriate. Henry the 8th may pound the wine on the show, but these damn Irish actors can’t hold their liquor or tongues.

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