Whoever thinks Improve isn’t funny needs to watch this video . Remember that library scene in Ghostbusters? Ya, know the one with the librarian ghost, where Peter Venkman says “Go get her Ray”? Cinema gold right? Well, since that scene the New York library has been pretty boring. Honestly, what with the Internet, the Kindles and the iPads’s who reads book nowadays? Anyways, it’s suffice to say the New York library has been quite in more ways than one. That is, until recently when 3 ghosts entered the building. Ghosts that casually start reading books as patrons and security guards look on in confusion. Uh-oh! Who you gonna call? That’s right, GHOSTBUSTERS!. Our boys in jump suits and proton packs in hand arrive on the scene and proceed to chase the ghosts around the main reading room and out onto the street.

This ghost-busting, which reflects the opening scene in the original Ghostbusters film was an elaborate prank by famous Improv comedy troupe Improv Everywhere.

The prank started when the library approached Improv Everywhere about staging a scene there to raise awareness during budgets cuts. The group decided a Ghosbusters bit would be the best thing to do. And, what an idea that was. After the skit, the ‘busters got a huge ovation from patrons and onlookers. Well played boys, well played.

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