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May 31st 1980, I had 5 months of gestation left in the womb and one of the greatest sequels of ALL time time hit theaters.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, was the movie that turned the one trick pony Star Wars into Star Wars Episode 4- A New Hope, a movie that had absolutely no intention of being sequelized, into the beginning of the beautiful Holy Trinity.

Empire gave the series it’s gravitas, casting aside the space adventure for the space drama. And oh, what drama it wove. It went from Luke’s father being betrayed and murdered by Vader, to, ya know… It turned the feuding love affair between Han and Leia to the best “I love you” scene in film. It introduced a damn cute Muppet into the wisest teacher next to Jesus, in the galaxy. It added elements of historical sci-fi importance to something that was originally supposed to be a campy “Blast’em” film, and turned the tides for a movie that 3 years later, I jumped out of the womb for, and into the movie theater seats for….  Return of the Jedi.

Here is a list of important Star Wars news that is coming up, and you should keep an eye on. I know where I’m gonna be this weekend.

To mark the anniversary, there will be celebrations big and small throughout the year, starting with this weekend’s marathon of the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy on Spike TV, with Saturday’s screening of ‘Empire’ simulcast on MTV’s jumbotron in Times Square. The remembrances will culminate in the publication in October of ‘The Making of The Empire Strikes Back,‘ by Lucasfilm insider J.W. Rinzler, a coffee-table tome with hundreds of pages of never-before-seen photos taken during the production. Meantime, you can amuse yourself by inserting your own face into ‘Empire’ footage, courtesy of the jokers at JibJab.

Via Moviefone, we are grateful about this amazing news. I’m glad they’re making a year out of this movie with the release of all this cool shwag and showings.

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