I found a bunch of our favorite board game commercials as children. Stumbling across these ignorantly, and it was like a horrifying time machine back to when life was a little easier and we didn’t have to explain to our wives and girlfriends why we liked toys. It was an atypically, unrealistic, unsettlingly unstable and unhealthy, unhappy happiness that as a child we take for granted. Because now?! We have to defend why we are Nerds and not just dumb bastards. Those family members, girls and wives won’t understand why at our age now, we still like to capture just a sparkle in our fist and put it into our hearts so we can feel like we did when life was just a little better. Just a little.  Sanctify sanctimonious, sedimentary sedation, that rock solid dreamy safety you felt when things as simple as a board game drew you up and away from this world…And into the mind numbingly fantastic Mr. Bucket “You put your balls in my mouth!”

I Present to you, your time machine.

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