Ambrosia Kelley

Guess Who Monday is a weekly feature here at nerdbastards where we challenge you to guess the latest known or lesser known child star of nerd pop culture from the days of yore (70’s, 80’s, 90’s), who have all grown up. Lets take a gentleman’s bet and see if you can figure out today’s ‘Guess Who’. Warning: we are not responsible for any shocked, appalled or arousing feelings which may incur.

What do you say about a girl who was born after I had already lost my virginity? In 1995? You say that in 3 years she’s gonna be totally dropping that laundry. Having turned into a smoking hot teenager, she was a VERY important person in film, and potentially? Could be an even MORE important young woman down the road.

Ambrosia Kelley 2

Ambrosia Kelley was Vernita Green’s daughter, who arrived after the school bus dropped her off in Kill Bill Vol. 1. Uma Thurman and Vivica Fox had just had a lethal knife/MMA living room brawl and Nikki (Ambrosia) showed up and stopped them. Well…Mostly they stopped out of guilt.

Ambrosia has done a few movies since Kill Bill but nothing huge. What could be a potential huge role for her, is the rumor mill cranking. Cranking the ole’ rumor that Quentin Tarantino wanted to make another Kill Bill where Nikki wants revenge for her mothers death. Against the Bride, or even B.B., the daughter of Bill and Uma (The Bride), where in another 6 years or so, they could have a killer fight scene in the sequel. Especially if she gets her hands on her own Hatori Hanzo sword.

She’s turning into a beautiful girl, and being in one of the greatest films of all time, gives her crazy street cred. Hopefully she can keep up the acting until Tarantino decides he is getting her back in action.

Ambrosia, we Speak your name.

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