LOST Finale – What Did You Think?


As you know, the ‘LOST‘ series finale aired last night. It’s too soon for us to go rambling on about the shows final moments. We wouldn’t dare try to comprehend the unsubtle religious allegory or attempt to comment on the real story of love, relationships and connections. Nope. Far too soon for that. OK, will admit it. We’re too busy crying and shaking fists to talk rationally. So, while we try to contain ourselves over the pitch perfect of not so pitch perfect poetic ending we know you bastards out their have your own thoughts and opinions. Well, we want to hear them! Where you satisfied with the close to the 6 season series . Did everything happen that you wanted to have happen? Was it all that you had hoped for? Do you nod in a approval and have tears in your eyes or do you have pitch forks and torches at the ready? TELL US your thougths! Let fly the spoillers and all.

WARNING: for those that have yet to catch the series finale and do not want to have it spoiled. Avoid the comment section.

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