Nerd rage is some thing most of us laughs at since it’s always funny seeing people crying and screaming over the dumbest thing because of them sucking. However, we do get some cases of nerd rage that just makes ya think WTF. In this case of  nerd rage, we have one Justin Barreaux, who went on a six month journey looking for a person. Who might that person be you ask, well, Barreaux was looking for the asshole that killed him in Counter-Strike and get his revenge by stabbing him.

Well, that revenge failed since the Frenchman couldn’t kill his target. That’s right folks,  Barreaux went on a six month journey to stab a person in a chest and still didn’t kill him. Barreaux missed the heart by an inch and was later arrested thus putting his crappy (no) kill streak to an end. Seriously this fool deserves what ever punishment he gets. He spends six freaking months to do this and fails, no wonder he lost at Counter-Strike.

Source: Gamma Squad

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