I rarely throw up posts like this. But this is in the realm of Nerdom that tugs on your heart strings by one of the cultures first sci fi icons on television. George Takei of Star Trek fame and more recently of Howard Stern Show fame has a special airing on Monday June 28 at 7pm on Howard 101 on Sirius Satellite Radio.

George Takei’s America is a story that took place 70 years ago, when George was 5 years old and lived in East LA. One day the military knocked on his door with Machine guns drawn and took his entire family away to live in a horse stall for 3 months, and then an interment camp during WW2. Japanese Americans were held prisoner until after the war and George revisits those places. Takei takes us to the house in East Los Angeles, where the Takei family first surrendered, then showing us the horse stalls at Santa Anita Racetrack near Los Angeles, where George’s family was forced to live under armed guard for several weeks, before being shipped off to prison camps in Arkansas and Northern California. But it’s how George Takei’s family survived this unspeakable injustice, ultimately taking this American tragedy and turning into the American dream, that makes George Takei’s America… George Takei’s America the Beautiful.

The commercials for this were enough to get you choked up. George Takei like you’ve never heard him before. It sounds like the first intense showcase Sirius has ever held.

As a fan of anything George Takei I will be listening.

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