It seems that the much discussed Sam Raimi World of Warcraft movie, while still in pre-production, is actually moving along!

According to an article from they spoke to Raimi about the movie, and got five updates on the project.

1) The script so far is only 40 pages, but they are continuing to work on it in order to get to the 120 page screenplay needed.

2) It would be impossible to include all characters, professions and battlefields; so, Raimi and his team will be selecting the most interesting to focus and build a story around.

3) Raimi also says that he likes the size and huge variability of the animals, characters, creatures and weapons that are in the game, and they will be in the movie.

4) The world of Azeroth will feel like reality, one that feels lived in by those characters in the movie.

5) Not only is Sam Raimi a fan of World of Warcraft and the director of the movie, he’s also an avid player with multiple characters. Therefore, he knows the world, mechanics, and experience that people want to get out of the movie.

So, put away your claymores and battle axes for now World of Warcraft fans, as Sam Raimi is working hard on bringing Azeroth to the silver screen.

If you would like to read the whole article from SyFy’s interview with Sam Raimi, click here.

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