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Some butt sci-fi news website is claiming that a big screen adaptation of Doctor Who is set for a 2012 release and that Johnny Depp is to play the Doctor.

As the tenth Doctor would say “what” (in comically British tone)?

Yep (*shakes head in shame), yet another website is going around stirring up some nerd rage with movie rumors. Well, I guess we too are also to blame for the increase in uncredited news. After all we are reporting this.  So shame on us! Anyway, Tor.Com is citing the rumor from a site called, which is some butt (I like using butt in negative context) version of (user submitted stories). Mysteriously the source article on Pubarticles has been taken down (being responsible perhaps?) So there’s no way of verify anything that was said. Regardless of this fact Tor.Com quotes from the now-deleted post.

“Long-time producer of the television series Russell T. Davies reported that the reason he moved on from the show was due to the opportunity to transform the Doctor to the big screen. “Bringing the Who franchise to the theaters is a regeneration for the character beyond the usual one. A theatrical release has a greater range and can reach millions of more people than just the fans. There will be brand new concepts and the film will be just as adventurous, scary and humorous as the television programme. But none of us working the film will forget what makes the character great and interesting and the long-time fans will not be disappointed because yes, the Daleks make an appearance.” And the article adds that the Doctor travels throughout history curing illnesses that have been caused by aliens, including the Bubonic Plague.

So, not only does Tor.Com spout out some uncredited (and surely fabricated) qoute but they also claim to have verified that, the casting of Johnny Depp as the Doctor has been confirmed by a movie studio source (They don’t say which studio).

Sigh! This is surely a made up rumor (to generate hits for Tor.Com, I’m sure) because to my knowledge BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) doesn’t have any specific relationship with Hollywood. A project like this would have to be shopped around first. And with zero mention of it or, for that matter any mention of related news, anywhere on the net I would take this rumor with a grain a salt (a big one. One you can write your name on 1000 times). Not to mention that it would counterintuitive to everything the latest season is doing with Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor. Plus that mysterious quote doesn’t sound like Russel T. Davies at all. Mostly because he doesn’t use the word “Brilliant somewhere in the quote 🙂

As much of  ridiculous Internet rumor this is (though, in every rumor there is always a shred of truth) it does invite intriguing possibilities. An Americanized version of the time/space traveling Doctor? Could such a thing work. Would it generate more interest in the property or would it dilute everything that makes the show special in England? If a movie were to be in the works who could play the quirky Doctor? Jonny Depp does have bring the quirky and charm or would the Doctor have to be played by a true Brit?

What do you think?

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