If you’re a fan of the drama/comedy shows on Showtime, then this news will interest you.  They will be offering a “Showtime Anti-Hero” panel that will have Michael C. Hall (Dexter, for y’all not in the know), Mary-Louise Parker (the mom from Weeds) and David Duchovny (Californication, and of course, The X-Files), along with writers from those three shows and Nurse Jackie.

The panel takes place July 22nd from 4:45pm-5:45pm, according to

The panel will be interesting, taking an anti-hero approach.  All three of those characters could definitely be considered such.  I watch Weeds and Dexter religiously and I think what draws people to both shows is the fact that the main characters aren’t do-gooders.  They both have their reasons for doing the dark things they do, and the ends always seem to justify the means. This just makes me wish I could go even more!  There will be a Q&A session where people can ask what is new and coming up for the upcoming seasons of the shows.

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