It seems there is a glimmer of hope in the developmental chaos of The Lord of The Rings prequel ‘The Hobbit‘. As most of you know development has been in limbo because of MGMS’ financial situation (company is broke and can’t produce film themselves. Owns half the rights, but haven’t found a bidder that has been able to satisfie their creditors). Guillermo del Toro had to step down as a director because of other obligations (production being on hold for so long it conflicted with his schedule). The delay is also effecting the commitment by prominent actors such as Sir Ian McKellan who said he has other things he could be doing than wait around. The bad news just keeps piling on.

Now, we did hear that LOTR maestro Peter Jackson was supposedly negotiating a deal to replaced Del Toro and direct the two halves, himself. Of course, Jackson, using a fake pen name down played this rumor on AICN (claiming he’d only been approached on what a deal would look like). Talk about a nerd let down. However, it seems Peter Jackson might be pulling a fast one on us. Heatvision is claiming that Warner Bros. (who owns a significant portion of the remaining rights) has a pact with  Jackson to direct the two-part “Hobbit”. They say negotiations have in fact been made and deal is close to done.

“furiously negotiating with MGM, which is being steered by a committee of creditors and financial stakeholders.” said the site. 

In addition, they also claim that Jackson has been quietly meeting with actors in Los Angeles, U.K. and New York.

Jackson, who has been in L.A. since Saturday, is working with casting director Victoria Burrows on assembling what will likely be a large, international cast for the project

Whoa. Those are some serious claims (which all come from an uncredited source mind you) My two cents? I think the directing rumors are crap. Well, not entirely bogus. I think Jackson was approached and he expressed interest , but he has far too many other obligations to extract himself from in order to commit to helming the adaptation. So, what’s all this talk then about meeting actors and such? Well, keep in mind Peter Jackson co-wrote the script and is on board as a producer.  Doesn’t it make sense that from a producer stand point he would be making proceedings under the assumption that its going to get made? What, is he just gonna sit on his butt and do nothing while MGM gets their head out their ass? .The dude is just doing his part to move things a long while we wait for production to be officially green-lit.

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